Hope not fear; a positive view on EU migration

The Green Party supports European Migration, and welcomes European Immigrants’ contribution to the UK

The Green Party’s long term global vision is of an international economic order where the relationship between peoples, nations and regions are non-exploitative. In such a world local economies would be as self-sufficient as possible, whilst at the same time people would be free to live and work where they wished.
Although the Green Party accepts systematic problems within the EU, and thus supports a reform of the democratic controls within the EU; the Green Party opposes any EU border control.

The Green Party entirely rejects any suggestion that immigrants are to blame for our current problems. On the contrary many immigrants are victims of the same system of exploitation and inequality that blights Britain. Others are seeking to escape the consequences of climate change, environmental degradation and resource shortage, all growing problems in the 21st century.

The Green Party will defend immigrant communities from attempts to scapegoat them, and will stand alongside them and all communities in opposition to austerity. They, like all UK residents, are entitled to high quality public services and secure housing and employment, paid for by increased taxation of the rich and large companies and a determination to make sure everyone pays what they should, by a clampdown on tax avoidance and evasion.

The Green Party rejects any poorly informed propaganda that Eastern European immigrants have been flooding this country. Recent figures in fact show that 2.34 million EU citizens live in the UK, whilst 2.2 million Britons live in Europe. The Green Party acknowledges that in some areas public services have been struggling with the influx, however the Green Party argue that this has been caused by poor management, Government cuts and the lack of regulation for workers’ rights that causes exploitation of Immigrant workers particularly seen in certain areas. The Green Party further recognises the contribution of immigrants to our public services like the NHS.

The Green Party wishes to support European immigrants against scapegoating, public misconceptions and welcomes immigrant communities’ enhancement to our life in a multi cultural and multi racial United Kingdom.

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Broxtowe Greens Select 2015 candidate

112Broxtowe Green Party have selected local town councillor and trade unionist David Kirwan to run for the party in the 2015 general election.

David was born in Nottingham and now lives within the constituency in Kimberley where he is a Town Councillor. He works for the trade union UNISON within the NHS in Lincolnshire.

David said: “I am delighted to be the Green Party candidate, there are major issues facing Broxtowe that could alter the area forever and these need to be properly debated.”

“Broxtowe deserves an MP that will fight on local issues and a government that will protect the NHS, and abide by its promises and its principles even when the going gets tough.”

“My job is to make sure that Broxtowe understands the Green Party has a comprehensive and budgeted range of anti-austerity policies in addition to our well known stance on the environment.”

“The 2015 election will see smaller parties making great strides as the public become increasingly disillusioned by Labour and Conservatives, the choice is clear more of the same by electing the current or previous MP or a new way of doing politics in a positive and progressive way by voting Green.”’

David is on Twitter: @davegaz

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Green Party Results

Many, many thanks to all those who voted Green last Thursday and well done to our candidates.

The full council results are available on the Notts County Council website with details of each ward and the winners.

Individual results for our Green candidates were as follows:

Beeston North

Paul David Anderson               172        5%

Beeston South & Atten

Sylvia Anne Rule                       235        6.6%

Chilwell & Toton (2-seat ward)

Richard David Eddleston        329        2.9%
Mary Elizabeth Venning         255        2.2%

Bramcote (2 seat ward)

Gordon Brian Stoner        243        2%
Stuart Neyton                     106        0.9%


David Charles Kirwan        88        2.5%


Beth Hewis        101        3.4%

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Last chance to vote Green

Green candidates Gordon Stoner & Richard Edlestone campaigning in Beeston

Green candidates Gordon Stoner & Richard Eddlestone campaigning in Beeston

Still nearly 4 hours until the polls close (10pm tonight). Vote Green.

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Vote today for the Green Party

Today is your chance to decide who runs County Hall in Nottinghamshire. Electing Green councillors will transform the way your local council and its services are run, putting people and the environment at the centre of all our decisions.

Our key theme for polling day is the Living Wage. Vote for a party that believes that there should be “jobs you can build a life on”. Real jobs: not minimum wage, zero-hours, sub-contracted, out-sourced and all the rest. Read Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett’s view on the campaign and the need for real jobs on Huffington Post.

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Read Our Beeston Election Leaflet


Tomorrow is local elections day!

If you live in Beeston or Attenborough and you’ve not seen our local election ward leaflet then it is now available online. Click here to download a PDF.

Voting Green tomorrow is a vote for:

  • Serious action on climate change
  • No to privatization of your NHS – no ifs, no buts.
  • More action on 20mph residential street areas
  • Resisting cuts
  • Reform of our economy so its fairer and more equal
  • A Citizens Income for all
  • Action on jobs
  • Protecting the green belt
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Final few days: Greens out and about in Beeston

Write-up by the Beestonia blog chaps who kindly visited our stall on Saturday in Beeston when we were out and about campaigning for this Thursday’s elections.

See: The Battle for Broxtowe

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