Greens concern at Greenbelt Housing Development

The Green Party has deplored the Government’s rubber-stamping of proposed greenfield developments in the greater Nottingham area. In total 30,550 new houses will be built in the area much of this in existing greenbelt.
Responding to the proposals, Kimberley Town Councillor Kat Boettge said ‘the Coalition Government has just torn up 60 years of planning law that has protected our green spaces, secured orderly development and taken into account of local opinion. Now we have a developers charter with a presumption to allow development that discounts local opinion. They talk about ‘localism’ and ‘sustainable development’ and show no sign of any understanding of what this means, all they are concerned about is the developers interests and profits.’
The proposals will lead to 600 houses being built in Kimberley. Green Town Councillor David Kirwan expressed his concerns at the strain this influx of population will have on existing services. He said, ‘we are well aware that there is a housing shortage in the Greater Nottingham area, but this building proposal will do little to resolve existing problems. These are 2/3 bedroom private houses that will be too expensive for most first time buyers. There is no provision for much needed social housing. There is no consideration given to the impact on local school admissions, or on traffic congestion.’
The Greens point to the large amounts of empty property within the Nottingham boroughs and say that the first priority must be to adapt this and bring it up to sustainable standards. They want any housing development to consider the associated needs of schools and nurseries, of social provision and of public transport. They say that farm land must be protected to grow much needed food and that to build houses on it is irresponsible.
Kat Boetgge said that the developemnt proposals are all about the Governments political ambitions. ‘All these proposals do is to fulfil the remotely imposed Government targets that take no notice of local conditions. They are about boosting the economy to enable the Tories win the next election, they are about the ambitions of the Chancellor to claim that he has ‘solved’ the economic crisis. They are not about the needs of the people of Nottingham or of Kimberley who will have to live with the consequences of these ill considered proposals.’
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Broxtowe 2015 PPC standing in Newark By-Election

Greens to stand in Newark By-election

The Green Party has selected their candidate to stand in the Newark by-election called for June 5th. He is David Kirwan, an area organiser for UNISON, working within the NHS. Based in Nottingham, where he serves as a Town Councillor in Kimberley, he was born and lived in Newark until his mid twenties.

David Kirwan told the selection meeting held in Newark on Saturday that he retained strong connections in the town, where members of his family still work in the local hospital. He said, “I believe that the Hospital and schooling are major issues in this election. We have witnessed the hospital deteriorate from the excellent cottage hospital on London Road, with complete local care, to the scaled down skeleton service we have today. I know that parents are increasingly seeking education for their children outside of the town, with the local schools where I was educated being starved of funds by policies of cuts and privatisation started by Labour and continued aggressively by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government. It’s time for change. I will campaign on a manifesto that offers an alternative to austerity, seeks fairness and greater equality in society, and builds a green economy that supplies affordable food, energy and housing. It will be a campaign based on “Hope not Fear”.


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Kat Boettge speech to NFU


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On the 5th June there will be a by-election in Newark. If you are one of the national Green Party members or supporters who thinks it is vital that we stand and contest Parliamentary by-elections then we need you to show your support in the next 72 hours.

East Midlands Green Party has expressed support for the idea of standing, but a final democratic decision and selection of candidate have still to be concluded.
They have authorised me to make this appeal on their behalf. An absolute minimum requirement is that the campaign raises £1,500 to enable them to pay for a freepost leaflet and to cover the deposit.
This will not be a paper candidate if we stand we stand to fight the seat.
The seat will be a focus of national interest following the resignation of the previous MP, and coming just 2 weeks after the European results.
It is essential that Newark has a Westminster Party that opposes austerity to choose from and since the selection of Roger Helmer, UKIP’s energy spokesman this will be an opportunity for the Green Party to challenge the UKIP position on renewable energy as well as the extreme views Mr Helmer has on a variety of issues including rape and homosexuality.
We are currently seeking nominations for potential candidates and I myself have already agreed to stand for nomination to be the candidate as I was born in the town and still live and work locally and feel that Newark has to be able to choose an alternative to austerity and as a gay man and trade unionist want to ensure people in Newark know there’s more to UKIP that the Farage grin.
Please pledge your support with whatever amount you can and send that pledge to in the next 72 hours. If enough pledges are received we will then contact you with details of how to make your donation.

As you know the Green Party do not have big business or other organisations to bank roll us so we rely on your support, please consider supporting our campaign.
If you are not in a position to pledge financial support perhaps you would consider joining the campaign team to give practical support on the ground?
Thank you in advance for your support and please pass this message to any individuals or groups you know that may be willing to help.


David Kirwan
East Midlands Green Party

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Blatently Political – Blatantly Electioneering

Today Anna Soubry has again maintained that her constant criticisms of community representatives who have not signed her electioneering petition is non political.

If indeed it is non political they why does she continue to name those who have or have not signed her petition ? Why does she demand the County council fund compensation to small businesses affected by the Tram works when she knows her Government has slashed funding to that council ? Why does she not lobby her own Government to fund compensation ? Will she confirm which other service she would like to see cut to produce the money to compensate Beeston small Businesses?

Lets hope that when she submits her petition it doesn’t go along the same path to the bin as when she or her Government receive petitions or collective campaigns ?

The effect of the Tram on small business has been devastating and the lack of compassion from NET  remarkable but the way forward is to ensure that a remedy is found that will not merely move the problem. Anna’s own views on the Tram seem to alter like the weather and particularly so since there has been a transfer of power at County Hall. So Anna be clear in future and concentrate your efforts of getting compensation and not on using the plight of small business for Political gain.

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HS2 – Not all Parties support it Anna !

Current Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry recently claimed all party support for the HS2 plans that will cut through our area. Whilst it is true that her Conservative PArty along with Labour and the Lib Dems continue in the main  to support this project  the Green Party have always made clear their opposition on a variety of grounds. The cost of around £50 billion and likely to rise as these projects inevitably to over the years is an obscene waste of money in our current climate with little future benefit. Opponents of the scheme are increasingly being portrayed as luddites when in fact nothing is further form the truth. The Green Party welcomes investment in the transport system, however this should be in the development of the existing infrastructure. The plans for HS2 will benefit a few very wealthy travellers who can afford the fares to travel on the train and save the limited amount of time. Whilst the majority of commuters continue to use overcrowded and inadequate trains on a daily basis. The cost, disruption to homes leaving along the line – not only the compulsory purchase properties receiving compensation but the 1000’s of homes that will not qualify for compensation for whose lives will be devastated by the noise and disruption,  environmental impact and transformation of areas such as Toton that will alter beyond all recognition if the proposed stop there goes ahead, are all solid reasons to object to the plans. John Whitelegg, Green Party spokesperson on sustainable development, and an expert in the transport industry has said: “The reasons for opposing the current set of proposals revolve round the flawed business case, the damage to environmentally sensitive areas, the forecast increases in car and air transport that are associated with high speed rail demand forecasts and the very poor performance of high speed rail in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” As is clear from the Vote on Monday evening in parliament the main Westminster parties do indeed support the HS2 idea although no party has  100% agreement and Labour seem in an increasing quandary as it was there idea but they are increasingly seeing the figures don’t add up and the benefits are not clear.  Therefore the only way to stop the plans are top actively oppose them individually and to support a Party that will take oppose them politically – that party is the Green Party. Caroline Lucas voted against the Bill on Monday evening and teh Green Party will continue to oppose the plans in their current form.

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For The Common Good

Click here for Green Party Mini Manifesto

Mini Manifesto 2014

We live in unsettling times.

Many of the securities that our parents and grandparents fought for – a functioning National Health Service, free education, and an affordable home – now look out of reach for most of us.

Coupled with this, climate change is bringing unpredictable and threatening weather patterns.

People feel let down by politicians, and yet there has been an explosion in political activism. People want to do things differently and aren’t afraid to be bold and challenging.

We believe that public services should be for the benefit of the public, not sold off in bits; we believe that education is worth investing in and not something that should mean a lifetime of debt; we believe in leaving behind a better world for our children and grandchildren.

This is the only world we have and its welfare, above all things, should be the highest priority for us all.

Politics should work for the benefit of all, not just those who shout the loudest or have the deepest pockets.

We believe in “The Common Good”.

A vote for the Green Party is a vote for The Common Good.

Vote for Real Change

We’re fed up with policies that tinker around the edges.

We want real change that benefits people and the environment.

A real change: from austerity and welfare cuts to investment in decent jobs.

A real change: from privatisation for the benefit of the 1% to public management of essential services not driven by corporate greed.

A real change: from subsidies to fracking and dependence on fossil fuels to a sustainable world we can pass on to our children.

The Green Party stands for the real change we need. Real change for today and tomorrow. Real change to your life.

On May 22nd Vote Green Party. For The Common Good.

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