Thanks and where we go now !

It’s a week on from polling day and there is much to be celebrating in Broxtowe Green Party.

In the Parliamentary election we achieved our best result ever despite being squeezed in a marginal seat. We were able to more than treble our vote even though we know a lot of our support went to Labour in an attempt to oust Anna Soubry.

With that support we would certainly have finished ahead of the Lib Dems and likely have retained our deposit.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who vote Green on May 7th in so doing helped us establish ourselves as a growing force to be reckoned with in Broxtowe.

I would like to congratulate Anna on her win and hope she will continue to hold to her word to protect the greenbelt in Broxtowe and although we disagree on HS2 I hope we can agree on ways to limit the impact if it does goes ahead in Toton/Stapleford.

In the local elections again we achieved far greater success than in any other elections winning around 18% of the vote in Kimberley and solid performances throughout Beeston and Chilwell whilst the Conservatives gained many Lib Dem and Labour seats across the Borough.

It has been asked why did the Green party stand in Broxtowe and so potentially divide the left vote.

I would respond to that by saying the result justifies our standing in that even with the Green & Lib Dem vote combined Labour still could not have won Broxtowe, despite it being a seat they should have been able to retake and expected to do so.

Many in Broxtowe wanted a clear message that would stand up for the least fortunate in society and create a fairer place to live for the common good. They wanted monies diverting from Trident and HS2 into projects that would enhance society and they wanted a taxation system that was fair and created a level playing field.

Labour did not offer this, the candidate claimed to hold many well-meaning views but these were in direct opposition to his party and so there was a contradiction for voters to consider. He also had a strong record of being a loyal party voter in parliament and a history of changing his mind on a variety of policies.

In comparison the Green Party campaign has been praised by many from all parties for being clear and articulate. Our opponents may not agree with what we were saying but they were clear what our view is and appreciated the candour.

With Labour and Lib Dems now seeking new leaders and certainly Labour seeking to lurch to the right in desperation of winning over Conservative voters, the need for a strong Green Party that will stand by its views for a fair society is even more important. The Green Party is the only party that will continue to care for the whole of society and give support to all as they need it as well as promote the forgotten issue from the other parties of climate change.

Without action on climate change everything else becomes secondary for us and certainly for our children and grandchildren.

So where do we go from here? Well firstly we don’t have leadership contest, we have a very able leader who has presided over the growth of our party from around 10,000 members to fast approaching 80,000!

This makes us comfortably the 3rd largest party in terms of membership and growing. Locally we need to get our message out loud and clear and use our new members and resources to do this. As a local party we have already met and agreed our core priorities which include having key activists shadowing the Broxtowe portfolio holders to ensure scrutiny which will be vital considering the huge issues facing Broxtowe in the coming years.

What we need also is your support and so whether you are already a member but have not been active as yet, or have been active previously and want to re-engage or you are wanting to join us as we embark our journey to greater success in future elections now is the time to get in touch.

Please feel free to email me at for details.

If you would like to join then click here .

The other way to support us is of course financially, as a party we do not accept the offers of huge donations often with strings attached that other parties’ do we fund from our members and use these funds wisely and effectively (we don’t post half a forest of literature to you in elections campaigns). What we do though needs funds so if you are able to set up a regular standing order to us for any amount be it £2 a month, £10 or more that would be an enormous help again please just email and I can send you the details.

We have achieved so much over the past year and months and with your help we can continue to grow, as people are feeling deserted by the other parties they are joining the Green Party as they find we most closely reflect their views.

If you want to join or just find out more about the party do get in touch and let’s create a better Broxtowe together.

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