Negative campaigning

We are over half way through the campaign now and on the whole it’s been a positive debate locally and nationally.

All parties are passionate in wanting to get their message across and convince as many as possible that they are the right choice for May 7th. Here in Broxtowe we are a marginal seat and that means if anything that passion is even stronger than elsewhere, but we have to remain positive and give clear messages to voters in the constituency.

Over the past 5 years Nick Palmer has repeatedly blamed the Green Party for his failure to retain his seat in 2010. He seems not to blame the Labour government he was a part of decisions to take us into the Iraq war, start the privatisation of the NHS through introducing markets and PFI, the economy, losing touch with the public etc etc

Now 5 years later nothing much has changed the Labour campaign in Broxtowe seems more focused on trying to win support of Green voters than explaining their own policies.  This may be due to the fact that Dr Palmer seems to oppose more and more of his party’s policies.

Nick says he will oppose his party on a range of issues in parliament and vote on principle and yet argues that voters here in Broxtowe should do the opposite and should vote Labour to prevent a Conservative victory.

Nick recently said at a Beeston Husting event that a vote for the Green Party was nothing more than an abstention, quite apart from being a hugely arrogant statement it does seem to contradict his own stance if elected in parliament.

The latest in the Labour campaign against voting Green has taken us a step further. In his email update of April 14th Nick stated “I’ve now had the support of the Green vote-swapping site Voteswap”. Many understandably took this to mean this site was a Green Party endorsed site to promote voting for Labour in Broxtowe. It certainly isn’t !

Nick knows very well that Green Party policy is to oppose tactical voting or swapping and our clear message is vote for what you believe in on May 7th and not for the least disliked option. It has taken Nick over a week to make the following comment on social media “The site isn’t endorsed by either party”.

I have been inundated by many voters of the last week confused over the misleading comments in Nicks email and I sincerely hope he will clarify the situation to his entire email distribution list as soon as possible.

Campaigns are passionate but misleading information does nothing for politics or for engaging more people to vote on May 7th. Let’s keep the campaign positive and let’s see Labour prioritise its policies in these final 2 weeks rather than concentrating on negative campaigning and misinformation. If the Labour message is ambiguous in the pre-election campaign then many may wonder over the representation if elected.

On May 7th the only way to get change is to change your vote 



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