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Over the coming days we will see an avalanche of manifestos being launched and pledges being made by all candidates and parties in Broxtowe including me.

Before they are published I thought it would be useful to look at the general picture with manifestos.

A personal manifesto is an excellent idea if you are standing as an independent candidate as if elected you will be able to vote in line with your manifesto without any difficulty.

The main parties are though we know heavily whipped to vote in line with the party leadership. The exception to this is the Green Party where we are not whipped to vote in any way.

When we look at Nick Palmer and Anna Soubry we see they rarely vote against the whip and so any personal manifesto is a little meaningless.

There are in fairness some notable exceptions Nick voted against the whip on climate change motions and Anna on same sex marriage protections for those not wishing to participate in conducting ceremonies.

It is clear though that in the vast majority of cases MP’s from traditional parties will remain loyal (particularly if they are ambitious!).

My Manifesto for Broxtowe is simple and if I ever needed to vote against the Green party view if I felt it were in the benefit of Broxtowe I would be allowed to do so by my party.

My top 6  Priorities:

The Green party manifesto will be published shortly and I will of course make sure it is publicised on this site and the various other compunction channels we have.

On May 7th we have a clear choice in Broxtowe to follow the line the traditional parties would want and vote for the same old thing when if you do you will get the same old thing or make a change and vote for a real alternative and a real change in politics.

Don’t be scared into voting the same old way by parties who say if you vote X you will get Y, the only wasted vote is one where you vote for the party you least dislike.

Cast a positive vote for a party you believe in.

Many people have used policy sites to gauge which party they most align to if you want to check these out a quick one is a more in depth option would be

David Kirwan

Green Party Candidate