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Broxtowe Green Party E-News March 11 th 2015

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This newsletter is designed to be of interest to all and is not a members only communication. Please forward to anyone you feel it may be of interest and let us know so we can add to distribution list.

Green Belt Review

The consultation on plans by Broxtowe Borough Council to build on much of the green belt in our area is now open and will close just prior to the pre-election period (Purdah) on March 23rd. There are plans for development of green belt for residential and industrial use across Broxtowe.

I attended the Toton and Chilwell Meadows Community Action Team (CAT) meeting on Monday where a Planning Officer from Broxtowe was present to explain the plans for the area which as we know not only faces the housing allocation on green belt but also further loss due to the tram and possibly HS2 if it comes to the area.

We were told that there was sufficient area to enable the building of up to 600 homes despite the planning application describing 500 with some areas having 40 dwellings per hectare which is heavy density.

I agree that the area does need more housing but it can be created by using brown field sites and abandoned buildings in the area.

We know that throughout the borough there are numerous brown field sites that could be used for development but as admitted on Monday these sites are less attractive to developers as they cost more to prepare. Therefore our green belt is being lost for profit.

In Chilwell and Toton there seemed little by way of information on additional schooling requirements except the suggestion of expanding existing school sites sandwiched  between the tram park and ride and a possible HS2 park and ride resulting in children being at the epicentre of air pollution and facing battling through vastly increased traffic levels to get to and from school on a daily basis.

If as a result of these plans promoted by the Labour/Libdem coalition at Broxtowe we do indeed lose our green spaces then not only do we lose the wildlife that exist in those areas but we also lose those areas of tranquillity that are so important to retaining the character of the area. There is also no guarantee that the arguments being used now to justify the development of the green belt now will not be used again in the future to swallow up the remainder of our green spaces.

I would urge everyone to attend the meetings arranged to consult over the plans and to submit their views before 5pm on March 23rd.


Details of remaining consultation meetings are:

7.30 pm Wednesday 11th March       Attenborough Community Action Team Meeting               Lucy and Vincent Brown Village Hall

7 pm Thursday 12th March                Chilwell West Community Action Team Meeting               Chilwell Community Centre, Inham Road

7 pm Tuesday 17th March                  Beeston West Community Action Team Meeting               Old Council Chamber – Broxtowe Town Hall

7 pm Thursday 19th March               Stapleford North Community Action Team Meeting           Pasture Road Community Centre/Church


Details of the plans can be viewed using the link below where you can also download the feedback forms.


Whilst on the subject of loss of green belt and impact on Toton it is appropriate to make my position on HS2 very clear once again. I firmly oppose the plans for HS2 irrespective of the impact on Toton although I do also feel the impact would be devastating to the area and any benefits would be to people who live outside the area and not the local Toton community.

Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems are all backing the plans unreservedly although Labours candidate here in Broxtowe Nick Palmer seems to be positioning himself firmly on the fence not wishing to alienate any side, although it makes no difference as his party if in government will plough ahead.

I do understand the need for improved north-south rail links and perhaps even more importantly east- west links but I feel this can be achieved by spending the £50+ billion on improving existing infrastructure and not on creating a line that will benefit business people traveling from London who are able to afford the inevitably exorbitant fares to save a few minutes off their journey.

The real benefit to investment in our rail system would be to make it affordable and accessible for normal working people with cross country links.

The local impact would be devastating transforming our borough from a pleasant semi-rural environment to a concrete suburb on Nottingham.  I am proud to be able to offer Broxtowe an alternative to HS2 development, the Green party are clear in their opposition to the plan and so am I.


Campaigning in Kimberley



I joined green party colleagues Kat Boettge and Janet Pearce in Kimberley on Saturday to ask people their views on various issues in the area including town council plans to remove pews from the iconic cemetery chapel and install a kitchen in the alter area, residential development of the area green belt and local democracy within Kimberley Town council. It was a great day and we gathered many views and were pleased to see that people were engaged with the issues and knew what they wanted. Unfortunately there was a feeling amongst many that they were not impressed with the manner the town council was being run and were disappointed in the seemingly never ending poor reports of council activity.

Unfortunately this was further evidenced the very next day with an email received by green party town councillor Kat Boettge. For those who haven’t followed the saga the council have faced questions relating to finances, lack of democracy and transparency and poor behaviour of individual councillors  in the past few years resulting in 10 councillors resigning in protest since 2010.

On Sunday council chair Dave Nunn wrote to Kat to express his “disappointment and surprise in her behaviour” he went on to say how disgusted he was that Kat was associated with an organisation with links to white supremacists, we can only assume the organisation to be Kimberley Residents Association a group set up by respected locals and former councillors  to challenge what they saw as council failings and certainly could not possibly be described as white supremacists. Mr Nunn concludes by indicating Kat was viewed in utter contempt by other councillors. It really is disappointing that when faced with a councillor who challenges the actions of the council and listens to local people and responds to their views the reaction is to bully and intimidate rather than welcome debate. This outburst follows the council having been told they have to accept a petition of over 800 names to oppose council plans for the cemetery chapel which the council initially rejected and the views of those 800 people have to be considered, it seems that once again German born Kat is the subject of targeted abuse following on from being un substantiated claims of being a bully and being called Eva Braun by Cllr Andy Cooper. Kat will continue to represent all people Kimberley and will not be silenced by such tactics as being used at KTC.


Just briefly on donations as there has been much social media debate of late. The Green Party is not only not bank rolled by any specific sector and therefore not beholden to any specific sector but we are also clear on the need for donations to come from ethical sources. We have frequently rejected donations from people not domiciled in the UK for tax purposes and from individuals or organisations that contradict our values.

Second incomes whilst an MP

I cannot understand how anyone could be doing a good job of being an MP at the same time as working for other organisations. Most of us who work full time for an employer do not have the time or opportunity to work elsewhere as well and this should be the same for MP’s. The argument that they need other roles to stay in touch really is a nonsense when in the majority of cases they are acting as consultants for huge salaries it’s not as if they are stacking shelves in their local supermarket or digging ditches.

If elected I will not only be a full time MP with no other jobs I will stay in touch by employing an additional constituency worker from my MP salary to not only bring my income more in line with the Broxtowe average of around £30k but also increase the service offered to constituents.

Appeal for Funding

I know that many of us are finding times tough financially as a result of austerity but I would like to ask that if you can you make a donation to our election campaign fund.  As well as my parliamentary campaign we are also standing in borough and town elections and this is very expensive.

The Green party do not have rich backers like other parties, we reject donations from people who have less than desirable tax histories and we are not beholden to any particular financial source. Therefore we rely on our supporters to back us. If you can spare any amount it would make a real difference in our efforts to compete in a very uneven playing field. Whether its £5 or £500 it would be very welcome and if you are unable to help financially then maybe you could spare some time to help us campaign ?

If you would like to donate some money then please use the details below to make a transfer or send a cheque. If you are able to donate more than £50 then please email  with your name and address to enable us to comply with election rules.

Bank Details Sort code:   08-90-74  A/C number 50552029

Cheques to David Kirwan 16 Broomhill Road Kimberley Nottingham NG16 2LZ payable to Broxtowe Green Party

Offers of practical help – please reply to this email.

Campaign dates in diary

April 12th BBC Sunday Politics from Broxtowe

April 22nd Education debate Chillwell School

April 16th BBC Radio debate

April 23rd East Midlands Business Chamber 17:00 – 18:30 at Experian

David Kirwan  Broxtowe Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate

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