Broxtowe election campaign needs your help

The Broxtowe Green Party election campaign is well and truly under-way as we join the other parties in stating our case before the crucial elections on May 7th.

It has been disappointing to see that with stakes high for all parties the behaviour of some is letting their supporters down but also politics in general.

We have in the recent past seen a Labour councillor apologise for remarks relating a colleague to Eva Braun, The Labour leader of Broxtowe Borough Council using highly offensive language to a constituent and refusing to apologise and another Labour councillor admitting to condoning the use of aliases on social media in order to generate support for the Tram plans in Kimberley and referring to this period of campaigning for a government and local councils as “silly season” . This puts politics in a very dim light at a time when we need to engage with the community to encourage as many as possible to vote on May 7th. It seems Broxtowe Labour have abandoned their previous mantra of Positive Politics.

The Green Party will continue to offer an alternative to the old style politics and will continue to see how welcome this is to voters as they realise politics can change if they change their vote.

You will no doubt have seen that the Green Party has more than doubled its membership in recent months and now has a larger number of members than UKIP or the Lib Dems. This is fantastic news and makes OFCOM’s view of not being a major party even more ridiculous.

As the arguments continue over whether we are included in the leaders debates, and we continue to be ignored by the media (even when we poll higher than Lib Dems in opinion polls we don’t appear in the graphics) we continue to work at a local level in raising concerns of those we represent and winning over new supporters through common sense and hard work.

The coming months will be our chance to make a real impact on all the results that come in on May 8th, we have the supporters, we have the commitment what we now need are the funds. Its an unfortunate fact that elections cost a lot of money and as a party we will not sell out and become beholden to any wealthy backers. We rely on our supporters at grass roots level to support our campaigns.

With this in mind we would ask you to consider making a donation however small to our campaign here in Broxtowe. We need £500 for the deposit to stand in the parliamentary election, £800 to print leaflets for the Freepost service and funds for other local campaigns.

Any amount will help us win so whether its £5 or £500 please support our campaign.

If you can help financially  please follow the link below


If you cant help financially then there are still lots of ways to help

Join us 


Like our Facebook pages 

Broxtowe Green Party Facebook Page

Kimberley Green Party Facebook Page

Follow us on Twitter 



Help with canvassing/leafleting

email: Tel 07454 771271

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