Kimberley Tram on the Wrong Route, says Broxtowe Greens

Commenting on the proposal by Broxtowe Labour Councillors to spend £20,000 on a Tram Feasibility Study, Broxtowe Green Party said that such a study is ‘premature’. They want more community consultation and for other routes to be considered. They also say that the lessons of the Beeston Extension must also be properly understood before public money is committed to the Kimberley project.

Speaking about the Labour proposal, which will be voted on by Broxtowe Borough Council today, Kimberley Town Councillor, Kat Boettge said, ‘The Green Party recognises the importance of the tram in helping to solve the problem of city congestion, but this proposal has many weaknesses. The majority of the people of Kimberley do not support the proposed route and they fear the awful disruption that has occurred in Beeston. It is essential that the lessons of that development are fully learned before the Kimberley extension is considered.’

In addition to extending the tram line, the Greens say that there are other transport solutions to be considered. These include linking Kimberley to Phoenix Park tram stop by efficient, low cost bus services; trams that can use existing train lines where possible and trolleybuses.

David Kirwan, prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Broxtowe went on to say, ‘The proposed route has clearly identifiable accessibility problems for the disabled, and the stations will not be convenient for local use. We feel that as it is, this is more about serving the needs of the City than of Kimberley. The Council must go back to the drawing board and listen to Kimberley residents.’

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