Broxtowe 2015 PPC standing in Newark By-Election

Greens to stand in Newark By-election

The Green Party has selected their candidate to stand in the Newark by-election called for June 5th. He is David Kirwan, an area organiser for UNISON, working within the NHS. Based in Nottingham, where he serves as a Town Councillor in Kimberley, he was born and lived in Newark until his mid twenties.

David Kirwan told the selection meeting held in Newark on Saturday that he retained strong connections in the town, where members of his family still work in the local hospital. He said, “I believe that the Hospital and schooling are major issues in this election. We have witnessed the hospital deteriorate from the excellent cottage hospital on London Road, with complete local care, to the scaled down skeleton service we have today. I know that parents are increasingly seeking education for their children outside of the town, with the local schools where I was educated being starved of funds by policies of cuts and privatisation started by Labour and continued aggressively by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government. It’s time for change. I will campaign on a manifesto that offers an alternative to austerity, seeks fairness and greater equality in society, and builds a green economy that supplies affordable food, energy and housing. It will be a campaign based on “Hope not Fear”.


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