Blatently Political – Blatantly Electioneering

Today Anna Soubry has again maintained that her constant criticisms of community representatives who have not signed her electioneering petition is non political.

If indeed it is non political they why does she continue to name those who have or have not signed her petition ? Why does she demand the County council fund compensation to small businesses affected by the Tram works when she knows her Government has slashed funding to that council ? Why does she not lobby her own Government to fund compensation ? Will she confirm which other service she would like to see cut to produce the money to compensate Beeston small Businesses?

Lets hope that when she submits her petition it doesn’t go along the same path to the bin as when she or her Government receive petitions or collective campaigns ?

The effect of the Tram on small business has been devastating and the lack of compassion from NET  remarkable but the way forward is to ensure that a remedy is found that will not merely move the problem. Anna’s own views on the Tram seem to alter like the weather and particularly so since there has been a transfer of power at County Hall. So Anna be clear in future and concentrate your efforts of getting compensation and not on using the plight of small business for Political gain.

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