European Election 2014 Green Party Lead Candidate


Katharina Boettge will be the lead candidate and will be the first Green MEP for the East Midlands. 

Kat was born in June 1977 in Munich, Germany. She grew up amongst the German Green movement since her mother, Sabine Csampai was a well known, local Green politician (Depute Green Mayor of Munich). Kat came to Nottingham in October 1999. She has been raising her daughter as a single parent, whilst studying (A levels, degree in psychology and a Master in Psychotherapy) and working within social care. 

After successfully completing her Masters, Kat has been working in her private practice as a psychotherapist. 

From October 2012 to August 2013 Kat was the coordinator for the East Midlands Green Party, setting up various working groups and projects. 

In December 2012 she was elected the lead European election candidate for the 2014 election in the East Midlands region. Additionally Kat co-opted as Town Councillor for Kimberley, a town outside of Nottingham. Due to her work experiences, Kat became the spokesperson for the Green Party in social care. 

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