Thanks and where we go now !

It’s a week on from polling day and there is much to be celebrating in Broxtowe Green Party.

In the Parliamentary election we achieved our best result ever despite being squeezed in a marginal seat. We were able to more than treble our vote even though we know a lot of our support went to Labour in an attempt to oust Anna Soubry.

With that support we would certainly have finished ahead of the Lib Dems and likely have retained our deposit.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who vote Green on May 7th in so doing helped us establish ourselves as a growing force to be reckoned with in Broxtowe.

I would like to congratulate Anna on her win and hope she will continue to hold to her word to protect the greenbelt in Broxtowe and although we disagree on HS2 I hope we can agree on ways to limit the impact if it does goes ahead in Toton/Stapleford.

In the local elections again we achieved far greater success than in any other elections winning around 18% of the vote in Kimberley and solid performances throughout Beeston and Chilwell whilst the Conservatives gained many Lib Dem and Labour seats across the Borough.

It has been asked why did the Green party stand in Broxtowe and so potentially divide the left vote.

I would respond to that by saying the result justifies our standing in that even with the Green & Lib Dem vote combined Labour still could not have won Broxtowe, despite it being a seat they should have been able to retake and expected to do so.

Many in Broxtowe wanted a clear message that would stand up for the least fortunate in society and create a fairer place to live for the common good. They wanted monies diverting from Trident and HS2 into projects that would enhance society and they wanted a taxation system that was fair and created a level playing field.

Labour did not offer this, the candidate claimed to hold many well-meaning views but these were in direct opposition to his party and so there was a contradiction for voters to consider. He also had a strong record of being a loyal party voter in parliament and a history of changing his mind on a variety of policies.

In comparison the Green Party campaign has been praised by many from all parties for being clear and articulate. Our opponents may not agree with what we were saying but they were clear what our view is and appreciated the candour.

With Labour and Lib Dems now seeking new leaders and certainly Labour seeking to lurch to the right in desperation of winning over Conservative voters, the need for a strong Green Party that will stand by its views for a fair society is even more important. The Green Party is the only party that will continue to care for the whole of society and give support to all as they need it as well as promote the forgotten issue from the other parties of climate change.

Without action on climate change everything else becomes secondary for us and certainly for our children and grandchildren.

So where do we go from here? Well firstly we don’t have leadership contest, we have a very able leader who has presided over the growth of our party from around 10,000 members to fast approaching 80,000!

This makes us comfortably the 3rd largest party in terms of membership and growing. Locally we need to get our message out loud and clear and use our new members and resources to do this. As a local party we have already met and agreed our core priorities which include having key activists shadowing the Broxtowe portfolio holders to ensure scrutiny which will be vital considering the huge issues facing Broxtowe in the coming years.

What we need also is your support and so whether you are already a member but have not been active as yet, or have been active previously and want to re-engage or you are wanting to join us as we embark our journey to greater success in future elections now is the time to get in touch.

Please feel free to email me at for details.

If you would like to join then click here .

The other way to support us is of course financially, as a party we do not accept the offers of huge donations often with strings attached that other parties’ do we fund from our members and use these funds wisely and effectively (we don’t post half a forest of literature to you in elections campaigns). What we do though needs funds so if you are able to set up a regular standing order to us for any amount be it £2 a month, £10 or more that would be an enormous help again please just email and I can send you the details.

We have achieved so much over the past year and months and with your help we can continue to grow, as people are feeling deserted by the other parties they are joining the Green Party as they find we most closely reflect their views.

If you want to join or just find out more about the party do get in touch and let’s create a better Broxtowe together.

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Thinking of voting tactically? read this first!

After the last 5 years many Green Party supporters are thinking of voting Labour next week. Here is why it just isn’t the right thing to do. Vote for what you truly believe in.

  1. The poisoned well – Labour is an impediment to progress

In a cruel twist that would truly break the hearts of its founders, the Labour Party is now the single biggest threat to progress in the UK. It is unfair to say that there are no differences between Tory and Labour, but it is accurate that they still broadly support the same system that is rapidly pushing us over the edge into social and environmental chaos.

Many of its members may be good people fighting a worthy fight, but within Labour, a party still slavishly tied to the old way of doing politics and the deity that is neoliberalism, they are fighting blindfolded and with a hand behind their backs. Their incessant mantra of ‘splitting the left vote’ is their last defence against the tide of progress they are unwittingly holding back, adding fuel to a cart inches away from toppling off the cliff.

Labour seem to be spending more time attacking the Greens than the Tories not because we’re bad for the country, but because we’re bad for Labour’s electoral success. Their bombardment of bile that we have had to recently endure is driven from self-serving priorities, not altruistic concern, and indeed they are now so lost they are deliberately attempting to halt the rise of the most progressive party in British politics since flared trousers were in fashion.

We simply cannot wait for Labour to rediscover its soul. Maybe Labour will slowly go back to its roots, maybe it will begin to overcome the rottenness at its core, but maybe’s are not enough.Inequality is a ticking social time bomb, made infinitely more difficult by the rapidly diminishing time-frame in which to deal with climate change. For a long time Labour has had no time for change – now, change has no time to wait for Labour.

  1. Your candidate doesn’t have to win for your vote to make a difference

Already we’ve seen what even a small increase in polling figures can do to Westminster, whether in the brilliant final week of Scottish Independence campaigning that sent the Big Three into near-meltdown, or the hideous regression we’ve seen in British politics in response to the rise of UKIP.

Politicians lost their fear of the electorate some time ago, and the entrenched loyalty of voting for Labour or Tory come what may is to blame. It has given these parties a blind arrogance, but as they begin to see once more, what they are confronted with terrifies them.

By voting for the Green Party, you are making a difference, even in the safest of Tory heartland seats, because you are sending out a powerful message: that it is time for change. Somewhere along the line we’ve forgotten the power in voting, trading in meaningful ballot papers for sterile betting slips. Your vote doesn’t ‘count’ if you manage to vote for the winning party- your vote counts if you use it to make a statement about what you want your society to be, what values you think we should fight for. There’s nothing ‘tactical’ or clever about voting for a party that has been disappointing you for decades.

  1. When people vote for policies…

When people vote for policies, the Greens come out on top, even if Tory heartlands. Try it for yourself. This also reflects the large amount that would vote for the Greens, if they thought they could win. This shows, clear as day, the only thing holding us back now is our own fear, happily latched upon by Labour. Indeed it is all Labour has to offer us now: our own fears, magnified and reflected back to us. This is a feeble shadow of a party that was once able to offer us the welfare service and NHS whilst we were still reeling from the most destructive war in human history.

This is why attacks launched on the Greens policies simply aren’t working, because when you insult our manifesto, you also crush a large chunk of the British public’s aspirations and dreams too. People are tired of being treated like children and told that what they hope for ‘isn’t feasible’ or is too idealistic, because every day they see that these changes aren’t ideals, they’re necessities.

  1. The Snowball Effect

If people could overcome their ties with Labour and their fear of the Tories, then the Greens would walk into office in less than four months’ time. We’ve seen, over the last fortnight, just how quickly a grassroots movement like the Greens can gain traction and attention. We’ve seen, when given an appropriate vehicle for it, just how quickly people are prepared to commit to and fight for a better future. Even little old you, reading at your computer screen now can make a difference – and this is the most powerful message that the old elite are desperate to tell you isn’t true.

At its heart is a dangerously different idea that we haven’t seen for some time – you can change things. Grassroots, democratic movements are springing up across the globe and snowballing magnificently to regain power from archaic institutions – and our very survival depends on us doing the same.

We are on the edge of a truly new brand of politics that can effect change in hours, not years. We’re truly on the cusp of breaking through decades of dogma and regression, of righting ancient wrongs and of healing the rift between people and politics. We are truly at an historic juncture, which really leaves you with one question come May 7th.

When history came knocking, did you answer?

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Climate change the forgotten issue of campaign.

Whilst very many worthwhile policies have been debated throughout this campaign such as NHS, Economy, and Education etc the one topic noticeable by its absence has been climate change.

It is maybe understandable that when there are so many issues causing such damage to public services and such distress to individuals that climate change gets pushed down the list of priorities. I guess it’s a bit like if we eat unhealthily or over spend on the credit card the immediate gain often wipes away the long term negative effect.

But climate change isn’t something that can be remedied quickly like a trip to the gym or cutting back to pay the credit card bill. What we do now is having an effect on our planet now and even more importantly into the future for future generations.

If the global average temperature rise can be kept below 2 degrees C, runaway or disastrous climate change can be avoided, though severe damage will occur in some parts of the world. Many countries and civil society organisations argue that the international goal should be to keep to 1.5 degrees C of warming, highlighting the severity of the climate impacts we are already seeing. All countries including the UK agreed at Copenhagen in 2009 to recognise the need to limit the average temperature rise to below 2 degrees C, despite the fact that the UK’s climate change target means that there is an almost two-thirds (63%) chance of exceeding this 2 degrees C.

To meet the 2 degree C target, the world needs to limit total global emissions over the rest of the century to about 1,000 gigatonnes (Gt) CO2. Current projections have us exceeding that figure by 2040, leading to devastating average warming of around 4 degrees C by the end of this century.

As the UK has about 1% of the world’s population, its allowable budget would amount to 10 Gt CO2. But the UK is a relatively rich country that has benefited from the world’s highest cumulative historical emissions per person. The Green Party therefore believes that the UK should plan to emit only half this amount by 2030 (which amounts to around 80 million tonnes CO2 a year by 2030), and have negligible emissions thereafter. This translates into our target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 10% of their 1990 levels by 2030. This goes much further than the 80% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050 mandated by the Climate Change Act.

To achieve our climate change targets we have to act now, we have to reduce our energy consumption, transport emissions and we have to stop decimating our planets resources.

This means we have to invest in renewable energy sources and not Fracking, Coal power stations and Nuclear, we have to invest in public transport we are now about to see the benefits of the tram in Beeston but remarkably Anna Soubry called for a new car park in the town recently.

When we have such good transport links these need to be encouraged rather than still encouraging car use. The main parties will spend around £15 billion on new roads if elected next week and we know from experience that when new roads just fill up with more cars and literally get us nowhere.

It’s time to really take responsibility for our planet and for the future we leave for our children and grandchildren, it may take sacrifice, it may mean difficult decisions but without action the debate on all other issues becomes academic as without achieving results of climate change we will have so much more to worry about.

The only party committed to tackling climate change and willing to say what needs to be done even though it’s not always a welcome message is the Green Party.

Start your efforts to tackle climate change  next Thursday by Voting for the Green Party locally and nationally.

Whilst writing this blog the news that the supreme court has ordered the future government to take action on air pollution, this is a great start but we need a strong Green presence at all levels to make sure it happens.



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Negative campaigning

We are over half way through the campaign now and on the whole it’s been a positive debate locally and nationally.

All parties are passionate in wanting to get their message across and convince as many as possible that they are the right choice for May 7th. Here in Broxtowe we are a marginal seat and that means if anything that passion is even stronger than elsewhere, but we have to remain positive and give clear messages to voters in the constituency.

Over the past 5 years Nick Palmer has repeatedly blamed the Green Party for his failure to retain his seat in 2010. He seems not to blame the Labour government he was a part of decisions to take us into the Iraq war, start the privatisation of the NHS through introducing markets and PFI, the economy, losing touch with the public etc etc

Now 5 years later nothing much has changed the Labour campaign in Broxtowe seems more focused on trying to win support of Green voters than explaining their own policies.  This may be due to the fact that Dr Palmer seems to oppose more and more of his party’s policies.

Nick says he will oppose his party on a range of issues in parliament and vote on principle and yet argues that voters here in Broxtowe should do the opposite and should vote Labour to prevent a Conservative victory.

Nick recently said at a Beeston Husting event that a vote for the Green Party was nothing more than an abstention, quite apart from being a hugely arrogant statement it does seem to contradict his own stance if elected in parliament.

The latest in the Labour campaign against voting Green has taken us a step further. In his email update of April 14th Nick stated “I’ve now had the support of the Green vote-swapping site Voteswap”. Many understandably took this to mean this site was a Green Party endorsed site to promote voting for Labour in Broxtowe. It certainly isn’t !

Nick knows very well that Green Party policy is to oppose tactical voting or swapping and our clear message is vote for what you believe in on May 7th and not for the least disliked option. It has taken Nick over a week to make the following comment on social media “The site isn’t endorsed by either party”.

I have been inundated by many voters of the last week confused over the misleading comments in Nicks email and I sincerely hope he will clarify the situation to his entire email distribution list as soon as possible.

Campaigns are passionate but misleading information does nothing for politics or for engaging more people to vote on May 7th. Let’s keep the campaign positive and let’s see Labour prioritise its policies in these final 2 weeks rather than concentrating on negative campaigning and misinformation. If the Labour message is ambiguous in the pre-election campaign then many may wonder over the representation if elected.

On May 7th the only way to get change is to change your vote 



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Over the coming days we will see an avalanche of manifestos being launched and pledges being made by all candidates and parties in Broxtowe including me.

Before they are published I thought it would be useful to look at the general picture with manifestos.

A personal manifesto is an excellent idea if you are standing as an independent candidate as if elected you will be able to vote in line with your manifesto without any difficulty.

The main parties are though we know heavily whipped to vote in line with the party leadership. The exception to this is the Green Party where we are not whipped to vote in any way.

When we look at Nick Palmer and Anna Soubry we see they rarely vote against the whip and so any personal manifesto is a little meaningless.

There are in fairness some notable exceptions Nick voted against the whip on climate change motions and Anna on same sex marriage protections for those not wishing to participate in conducting ceremonies.

It is clear though that in the vast majority of cases MP’s from traditional parties will remain loyal (particularly if they are ambitious!).

My Manifesto for Broxtowe is simple and if I ever needed to vote against the Green party view if I felt it were in the benefit of Broxtowe I would be allowed to do so by my party.

My top 6  Priorities:

  • An end to NHS Privatisation started by Labour and continued by the coalition, repeal of the heath and social care act and investment in health and those who provide the care we receive. Invest in community health focused on prevention as well as treatment.
  • Protection of our Green Spaces particularly here in Broxtowe where they are so at risk. That would include the Oxylane Leisure Project proposed for green belt in the north of the borough and which would likely result in closure of current local authority leisure centres, and the devastating plans for Toton.
  • Rejection of HS2 (saving £60 billon) in favour of investment in existing rail infrastructure to benefit the many not the few who could afford HS2.
  • Create a fairer education system by abolishing tuition fees, and bringing academies and free schools into the local authority system.
  • Ensure everyone has access across Broxtowe to affordable and high standard housing by producing new homes on brownfield sites to cater to all demands in the area.
  • Be accountable and democratic, ensure I listen and act on all views in the area and not just those I agree with and take an interest in the workings of all levels of government in the borough to ensure they do the same. I have made clear my intention to fund an additional constituency worker from my salary to both improve the service my team is able to give and bring me more in line with the average income of Broxtowe.

The Green party manifesto will be published shortly and I will of course make sure it is publicised on this site and the various other compunction channels we have.

On May 7th we have a clear choice in Broxtowe to follow the line the traditional parties would want and vote for the same old thing when if you do you will get the same old thing or make a change and vote for a real alternative and a real change in politics.

Don’t be scared into voting the same old way by parties who say if you vote X you will get Y, the only wasted vote is one where you vote for the party you least dislike.

Cast a positive vote for a party you believe in.

Many people have used policy sites to gauge which party they most align to if you want to check these out a quick one is a more in depth option would be

David Kirwan

Green Party Candidate


twitter 1

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Budget this week

George Osborne will deliver what possibly will be his last Budget ever, on 18 March. He will try to sell austerity as a success and hope that the opposition try to outmatch him with more. This time, I don’t think they will. They are already thinking about the shape of a post-election coalition involving the Greens and the nationalists. Austerity will be quietly rejected.

For five long years the Chancellor has taunted Labour over the debt, the issue that will define his term of office. We were told we had to have austerity so solve the deficit they inherited which was going to push us back to the dark ages, lose our triple A international credit rating, make us a basket case like Greece. This always was hogwash, with austerity policies we did lose our triple A rating, despite, or perhaps because of, the policies Osborne introduced. Now the debt is worse than 2010.

The country has been tolerating – just about, the damaging stupidity of austerity. But Osborne will find it is austerity that damages his long-term reputation. Indeed, I think a whole neo-liberal view of economics will be destroyed by it.

Some figures: In 2010 our national debt (government net borrowing) was £1tn – it is now, roughly, fifty per cent more; consumer debt (including mortgages) was £0.76tn. It is now almost double. The current account deficit, which includes the trade deficit, the amount by which we are spending more than we are earning, was £12bn in 2010, now £27bn. The trade deficit is up from 5.5% of Gross Domestic Product in December 2014 to 6% now. In most of 2010 it was between 3.5% and 4%. This is the one that Osborne will worry about the most. The UK is now a prime currency crisis risk.

I had to check these figures because of course we are being told by the Government how well the economy is doing, no longer the sick man of Europe, the economic plan is working, we are growing our way out of trouble, the benefits of austerity are just around the corner. The truth is that on every measure our position now is worse than it was when the Conservatives came to power. If things are improving, it will be because they first made them worse.

Austerity is to blame. To raise taxes in a recession, [VAT,] was a major mistake which even the Tories now privately admit. But that is just a detail. Osborne hacked back at welfare and benefits, reduced social security protections for the most vulnerable (Working Tax Credits, disappearing in 2017), reduced staffing in the public sector, and drove many to become self-employed, often part-time, earning a poverty income. He should have looked at history, at no time has public austerity ever improved a country’s economic position in a debt crisis. Austerity has never worked.

The crisis lay with the banks. In 2007 the financial authorities of the world thought the the collapse of Lehman’s Bank could be isolated and would not infect the rest of the system. But there were too many worthless securities that secured un-repayable debt, often made to borrowers who could never have afforded the repayments. The whole system almost came down. It didn’t because the governments bailed out banks that, today, are buster than ever. They are kept going because governments know they have to be kept going. If the banks aren’t kept going then nothing keeps going, and governments will go bust too. That’s when shops close, food is no longer being distributed, cashpoint machines stop working, and people barter for things to eat.

The show was kept on the road by enforced public subscription, largely by the input of trillions of pounds and dollars of invented money. This is notionally ‘borrowed’ – governments give banks a bond and the banks give governments a load of money, which, often, governments then give back to the banks to shore up their balance sheets. All this activity with bonds keeps the price of a bond high and the yield, the amount the government has to pay to borrow like this, low. And so interest rates generally are low. Which hits savers and pensioners. Bonds are not popular with investors, because yields are low, and so they put lots of money into stocks and shares, which vastly out-perform their true value. Now we have a stocks and shares bubble. Governments are now terrified bond yields will go up, because if they do they might not be able to make the repayments on their loans. Governments are very nearly bust because tax revenues are so low. Revenues are low because people are not paying tax, because they are in work that pays so little or unemployed.

On top of this there is austerity. This is the real reason why debt is going up. People are having to borrow money to buy necessary goods for their families – like food. The interest on
this debt has to be paid. So less money is available to spend. So more money is borrowed.

Debt-fuelled growth has for a long time been the only game in town. It is a neo-liberal idea that says people to borrow because they are not productive at work, so the price of borrowing will rise so they have to become more productive at work and earn more and repay debt. But that is all rubbish. The price of borrowing cannot go up, because the government won’t allow it, while people are not becoming more productive because companies will not invest in machines and wages. Which brings us the the heart of the matter.

Productivity would normally rise when unemployment was falling – to remain competitive companies make more goods to sell so they can hire more expensive workers and give them better technology, so more productivity. But business knows there is no real recovery, they know people and banks and governments are all broke. There is no responsive market out there. Productivity gains would cost them money but in a stagnant market no one is buying. Survival is the only game in town.

Which brings me back to the balance of payments. Our budget deficit would not be a problem if the country was healthy. It would look after itself. But a 6% trade gap is astonishingly big for an
apparently successful economy. We are spending more than we are earning, more than ever this parliament. We have as a nation been borrowing more via printed money and via our credit cards. And we are barely able to pay the interest charges.

Once the markets take notice of all this, there will be an old-fashioned currency crisis as in the Seventies. Nobody will want our bonds which will be seen as worthless. And lo, the yields will go sky high. Nobody will want to lend us money, because we won’t be able to meet our payments. The IMF will once again be called in. But by then the crisis will be truly international, because the crisis is already international. It is not the Greens that have an unrealistic economic strategy based on sustainability, it is all the rest – including Chancellor Osborne, with their neo-liberal ‘grow forever’ illusions.

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Broxtowe Green Party E-News

Broxtowe Green Party E-News March 11 th 2015

Facebook Broxtowe Green Party  Kimberley Green Party

Twitter: @Broxtowegreens  Blog: Broxtowe Green Party



You are receiving this newsletter as either a local Green party member or someone who has contacted us over recent weeks, either way if you would prefer not to receive this email please just reply asking to be unsubscribed.

This newsletter is designed to be of interest to all and is not a members only communication. Please forward to anyone you feel it may be of interest and let us know so we can add to distribution list.

Green Belt Review

The consultation on plans by Broxtowe Borough Council to build on much of the green belt in our area is now open and will close just prior to the pre-election period (Purdah) on March 23rd. There are plans for development of green belt for residential and industrial use across Broxtowe.

I attended the Toton and Chilwell Meadows Community Action Team (CAT) meeting on Monday where a Planning Officer from Broxtowe was present to explain the plans for the area which as we know not only faces the housing allocation on green belt but also further loss due to the tram and possibly HS2 if it comes to the area.

We were told that there was sufficient area to enable the building of up to 600 homes despite the planning application describing 500 with some areas having 40 dwellings per hectare which is heavy density.

I agree that the area does need more housing but it can be created by using brown field sites and abandoned buildings in the area.

We know that throughout the borough there are numerous brown field sites that could be used for development but as admitted on Monday these sites are less attractive to developers as they cost more to prepare. Therefore our green belt is being lost for profit.

In Chilwell and Toton there seemed little by way of information on additional schooling requirements except the suggestion of expanding existing school sites sandwiched  between the tram park and ride and a possible HS2 park and ride resulting in children being at the epicentre of air pollution and facing battling through vastly increased traffic levels to get to and from school on a daily basis.

If as a result of these plans promoted by the Labour/Libdem coalition at Broxtowe we do indeed lose our green spaces then not only do we lose the wildlife that exist in those areas but we also lose those areas of tranquillity that are so important to retaining the character of the area. There is also no guarantee that the arguments being used now to justify the development of the green belt now will not be used again in the future to swallow up the remainder of our green spaces.

I would urge everyone to attend the meetings arranged to consult over the plans and to submit their views before 5pm on March 23rd.


Details of remaining consultation meetings are:

7.30 pm Wednesday 11th March       Attenborough Community Action Team Meeting               Lucy and Vincent Brown Village Hall

7 pm Thursday 12th March                Chilwell West Community Action Team Meeting               Chilwell Community Centre, Inham Road

7 pm Tuesday 17th March                  Beeston West Community Action Team Meeting               Old Council Chamber – Broxtowe Town Hall

7 pm Thursday 19th March               Stapleford North Community Action Team Meeting           Pasture Road Community Centre/Church


Details of the plans can be viewed using the link below where you can also download the feedback forms.


Whilst on the subject of loss of green belt and impact on Toton it is appropriate to make my position on HS2 very clear once again. I firmly oppose the plans for HS2 irrespective of the impact on Toton although I do also feel the impact would be devastating to the area and any benefits would be to people who live outside the area and not the local Toton community.

Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems are all backing the plans unreservedly although Labours candidate here in Broxtowe Nick Palmer seems to be positioning himself firmly on the fence not wishing to alienate any side, although it makes no difference as his party if in government will plough ahead.

I do understand the need for improved north-south rail links and perhaps even more importantly east- west links but I feel this can be achieved by spending the £50+ billion on improving existing infrastructure and not on creating a line that will benefit business people traveling from London who are able to afford the inevitably exorbitant fares to save a few minutes off their journey.

The real benefit to investment in our rail system would be to make it affordable and accessible for normal working people with cross country links.

The local impact would be devastating transforming our borough from a pleasant semi-rural environment to a concrete suburb on Nottingham.  I am proud to be able to offer Broxtowe an alternative to HS2 development, the Green party are clear in their opposition to the plan and so am I.


Campaigning in Kimberley



I joined green party colleagues Kat Boettge and Janet Pearce in Kimberley on Saturday to ask people their views on various issues in the area including town council plans to remove pews from the iconic cemetery chapel and install a kitchen in the alter area, residential development of the area green belt and local democracy within Kimberley Town council. It was a great day and we gathered many views and were pleased to see that people were engaged with the issues and knew what they wanted. Unfortunately there was a feeling amongst many that they were not impressed with the manner the town council was being run and were disappointed in the seemingly never ending poor reports of council activity.

Unfortunately this was further evidenced the very next day with an email received by green party town councillor Kat Boettge. For those who haven’t followed the saga the council have faced questions relating to finances, lack of democracy and transparency and poor behaviour of individual councillors  in the past few years resulting in 10 councillors resigning in protest since 2010.

On Sunday council chair Dave Nunn wrote to Kat to express his “disappointment and surprise in her behaviour” he went on to say how disgusted he was that Kat was associated with an organisation with links to white supremacists, we can only assume the organisation to be Kimberley Residents Association a group set up by respected locals and former councillors  to challenge what they saw as council failings and certainly could not possibly be described as white supremacists. Mr Nunn concludes by indicating Kat was viewed in utter contempt by other councillors. It really is disappointing that when faced with a councillor who challenges the actions of the council and listens to local people and responds to their views the reaction is to bully and intimidate rather than welcome debate. This outburst follows the council having been told they have to accept a petition of over 800 names to oppose council plans for the cemetery chapel which the council initially rejected and the views of those 800 people have to be considered, it seems that once again German born Kat is the subject of targeted abuse following on from being un substantiated claims of being a bully and being called Eva Braun by Cllr Andy Cooper. Kat will continue to represent all people Kimberley and will not be silenced by such tactics as being used at KTC.


Just briefly on donations as there has been much social media debate of late. The Green Party is not only not bank rolled by any specific sector and therefore not beholden to any specific sector but we are also clear on the need for donations to come from ethical sources. We have frequently rejected donations from people not domiciled in the UK for tax purposes and from individuals or organisations that contradict our values.

Second incomes whilst an MP

I cannot understand how anyone could be doing a good job of being an MP at the same time as working for other organisations. Most of us who work full time for an employer do not have the time or opportunity to work elsewhere as well and this should be the same for MP’s. The argument that they need other roles to stay in touch really is a nonsense when in the majority of cases they are acting as consultants for huge salaries it’s not as if they are stacking shelves in their local supermarket or digging ditches.

If elected I will not only be a full time MP with no other jobs I will stay in touch by employing an additional constituency worker from my MP salary to not only bring my income more in line with the Broxtowe average of around £30k but also increase the service offered to constituents.

Appeal for Funding

I know that many of us are finding times tough financially as a result of austerity but I would like to ask that if you can you make a donation to our election campaign fund.  As well as my parliamentary campaign we are also standing in borough and town elections and this is very expensive.

The Green party do not have rich backers like other parties, we reject donations from people who have less than desirable tax histories and we are not beholden to any particular financial source. Therefore we rely on our supporters to back us. If you can spare any amount it would make a real difference in our efforts to compete in a very uneven playing field. Whether its £5 or £500 it would be very welcome and if you are unable to help financially then maybe you could spare some time to help us campaign ?

If you would like to donate some money then please use the details below to make a transfer or send a cheque. If you are able to donate more than £50 then please email  with your name and address to enable us to comply with election rules.

Bank Details Sort code:   08-90-74  A/C number 50552029

Cheques to David Kirwan 16 Broomhill Road Kimberley Nottingham NG16 2LZ payable to Broxtowe Green Party

Offers of practical help – please reply to this email.

Campaign dates in diary

April 12th BBC Sunday Politics from Broxtowe

April 22nd Education debate Chillwell School

April 16th BBC Radio debate

April 23rd East Midlands Business Chamber 17:00 – 18:30 at Experian

David Kirwan  Broxtowe Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate

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